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Signature Style - Original Cookiecakes

More than just a cookie and not quite a cupcake, these original treats made their debut in 2013, and have rocked the San Francisco Bay Area ever since.  Now available for overnight shipping in select states.
Standing just under 2" tall with a deliciously soft center encased within a crunchy shell, you'll be looking for reasons to "get whipt" again and again just to sink your chops into this gourmet masterpiece!

Classic Style - Crunchycakes

Especially created with our junior Whipt fans in mind, these are the perfect size for small children and for anyone who enjoys a thinner, crunchier cookie treat.  Just under 1/2" tall, our crunchycakes yield more crunch to the bite than our signature style.

Boutique Bakery In The Bay

Artisan made and baked fresh in small batches, we use locally sourced, organic, non-GMO ingredients and premium foods from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  Baking with wholesome ingredients, we are proud to announce that our chocolates do not contain partially hydrogenated oils and our baking agents are aluminum-free.  These are just some examples of the small measures made to ensure a pure tasting, premium cookie.
A 2.5" diameter footprint provides a sizable canvas for your art, pic or logo made edible with a photo quality finish.  Flavors are ordered by the dozen with mixed box sets now available.  Get Whipt "naked", "gourmet garnished" or with edible graphics.